Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Packing our kit orders

When kits are shipped overseas, it is vital that they arrive in the condition we pack them in, over time we have developed a system of crates that are glued and screwed togther, then steel banded for extra security, we do this at cost of the materials used plus labour to the customer.

More on this in the link below.

This is a Didi Mini Transat, the customer is John and he lives in England, all his kit was packed in a similar fashion.

The box is screwed and glued together, then steel band strapped for extra security. Note the double set of lables, both the customers name and address and our own as a return address.

Boxed an ready for collection.

This is what can be inside a crate, a lead ballast set to a Didi Mini Cruise, plus some epoxy.

Timber such as stringers and rails are double wrapped into water proof bundles, kits can also be fumigated at an extra cost.

Loading a big boat kit, in this case the Dix Designed Didi 38