Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hout Bays big smell problem

In the past I have sat in the board room of the fish processing plant in the picture, I was there to offer a solution to the smell that emits from the premises.

Having lived close by for thirty years, I know all about this stink, it happens when the smoke stack does as you see in my picture, which was yesterday afternoon. I assume this comes from an overload in the system, they fail to keep the cleaning correct and just pile more and more rotten fish into the process plant.

At the last meeting with the company, I comented on the fact that the office staff work in a double glazed and air conditioned enviroment, with double door entry lobby's, the rotten air does not enter the building, so the staff work in a clean enviroment while we outside suffer ?

I also mentioned that the foul stink of rotton fish came from the smoke stack, you can imagine my surprise to be informed this was not the case and the smell came from the factories ground floor open  windows and doors. I was amazed to hear this and asked the senior engineer to repeat what he had just told me, short of calling him a liar I began to think they live in denial.

How hard can this be, Oceana's profit margins are the cause, the share holders must win, to hell with the residents of Hout Bay.