Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Fisher Swampscott 12

Thats new to CKD Boats, the actual design may have been around some while.
Recently we made the spars to a Stornaway 14, the owner builder had already made the boats hull from plans, its now on a Cad file so we can offer that as a kit.

Now we have been asked by another client to supply the materials and CNC them to shape from the plans he has bought from Selway-Fisher, the same design group that do the Stornaway 14.

Fisher Swampscott 12' Particulars

LOA 12' or 3.66m

Beam 4'2" or 1.27m

Hull Mid Depth 1' 7 3/4" or  0.5m

Draft 7"/2' 11 1/2" or 0.18/0.9m

Sail Area 62.8 sq.ft or 5.84 sq.m

Approx. Dry Weight 66lbs

Hull Shape

Narrow flat bottom plus 4 planks per side - plans give both narrow and wide transom hulls

Construction Method Stitch and tape and clinker ply

Major plywood requirements for hull 2 sheets of 6mm and 2 sheets of 9mm plywood

Guidance Use 2 adults

Drawing/Design Package

4 x A1 drawings + 12 x A4 instruction sheets which include lug sail and sprit with jib alternative sail plans and moulds for clinker ply construction

Prices on application and probably by next week.