Saturday, 31 March 2012

Building the Grey Seal

 Building the Grey Seal
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by Craig Hohm - Penn Yan, New York - USA
I first began to dream of building boats when I was a medical intern; the dream of being undisturbed on the high seas was a very compelling vision in this setting. 5 years later I attended an intro to boat building class in Brooklin, Maine, and while there fell in love with the Catspaw dinghy. This became my first boat, launched in 1989. It is a wonderful little craft, still getting active use sailing and rowing from March to November (and sometimes midwinter.)

The above was taken from the Duckworths Magazine story, it makes for interesting reading too.

The build reminds me of more traditional build methods over the CNC cut kits we have on offer, I am never scared to re look at other methods and ideas, in fact I welcome them.

In this picture the large frames support the thinner laminated frames, the larger frames will be removed later when the hull skin is in place.

This I like, what a credit to the builder! the design is by Iain Oughtred, we may just produce this as a kit one day, it will probably be the 12mm thick marine ply skins and the laminated frames undreneath.

How hard can that be.