Friday, 30 March 2012

New council tax planned in Nottingham, England

April 1st joke perhaps?

Sorry mate but its true,

It was something Labour dreamed up but never got round to doing it, then Nottingham Council, who must be a Labour council, decided it would raise the £14000,000.00 that they need for the tram system and it was on the ITV News last week.


The return of Robbin Hood.

Hi Roy,

Yes, and he still lives and works in Nottingham but for the Council now!

Nottingham is the first City in the UK to start charging you for parking at work in your company provided parking space? They say if it is a success in Nottingham, then other Cities will adopt the scheme.

Any company now providing 10 or more parking spaces for its workers will have to pay £5000.00 a year for every ten spaces. This will be charged to the company as a direct tax and its up to the company if they want to pass the cost on to their workers.

Can you imagine a company the size of Rolls Royce or Toyota, they would soon move out of the area and probably out of the country if this loopy tax catches on.

They say it's so they can build a new tramway to ease congestion.
These Councils have completely lost the plot, they get a share of the taxes we all pay in road licences to pay for such things but instead of cutting their overblown spending they can only dream up new ways to tax the motorist.

If I owned a company in Nottingham I would be looking for a new factory somewhere else. This is a recipe for disaster and another way of closing down UK Plc.

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