Sunday, 2 November 2008

What we supply in a Didi mini transat kit

Bunk tops and ballast water tank panels are a standard part of our Didi mini transat kit,note the finger joints,another innovation idea to save you asssembly time,it saves you weight too,as the designer draws a timber fillet where the joint will be,with our joint this is now not required.

Didi mini transat number nine,we are well past that number now.

When we built our first Didi mini transat (warlock) fitting out the interior slowed production down in a big way due to the fact that the ballast water tanks,bunks and mast step box had to be set out and then cut by hand but knowing it was a perfect chance to copy the panels before we glued them in place we took templates,then used them to add to our CNC files.We took over four days to draw and cut the first interior,the second boat was to the same stage in just four and a half hours!This is probably an un realised factor in extra value with our Didi mini transat kit,you also get your boats interior cut as part of our package,this includes the bunk and ballast water tank inspection lids,plus the support rings for them also! We also mark all our kits with its boat kit number,check out the pictures,talking of pictures,we can also supply a series of stage by stage pictures to you by email.

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