Friday, 7 November 2008

Tall ship the Stad Amsterdam

Yesterdays blog about the boat Appledore 2 brought a response,which in turn took me to,which in turn has a feature on the sailing ship
Stad Amsterdam,this is what they tell us on the page:

About the Stad Amsterdam
The clipper ship Stad Amsterdam is making a brief stop in Boston, and will open her decks for free tours on Sunday, April 13, 2008 from 10 am to 1 pm. She'll be berthed at Rowes Wharf by the Boston Harbor Hotel and welcomes all tall ship fans, sailors and sailors to be to come aboard. Soft soled shoes are suggested, she is not ADA capable, and please no carriages or strollers. She is open to "youth of all ages".
The "Stad" is a 250 foot "greyhound of the sea" that offers individuals and groups an unmatched experience under sail. She can make 17 knots under 2,200 square meters of sail, and offers all aboard an authentic hands-on sailing experience (if they choose), as well as unmatched European hospitality. She summers in European waters, taking groups on multi day sails, as well as guest appearances ranging from the Grand Prix at Monaco and major tall ship events. During the winter, she explores the Caribbean with international guests. Sailors looking for a "blue water" experience can sign aboard for her fall transatlantic passage to the Caribbean, or for the spring run from the US back to Europe. This year she leaves Boston on April 16, bound for Portugal..and yes there are berths available.

Conceived in 1995 and launched in 2000, she's an evolution of the clipper ship design that revolutionized shipping and transport in the mid 1800's. She embodies the designs of such legendary clipper ships as the Flying Cloud, Cutty Sark, Peking and other legendary clipper ships, and has set a new standard for cruising under sail.

Her website is but she's a vessel you'll want to see in person.

How to contact us for other charters or individual bookings:

If you would like info about a specific trip on more than 150 traditional vessels around the world, to cultivate a dream, or would like to organize a meeting, gathering or event under sail, the best way is to email us at with as much detailed info as you can muster. Please include good phone numbers where we can reach you, and a mailing address where we can forward catalogs, etc. where appropriate.
We will try to respond within 24 hours of receipt.

For general information and to gam with a live person, our contact info is below.

We look forward to sailing with you.
Fair Winds,

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