Sunday, 18 October 2020

Picaroon 2 sail boat kit, a design by Sam S Rabl

 The plans I have give the list of materials, wood and plywood, which is six sheets, the shapes that the plywood is cut to for bulkheads, also the rudder.

There are two versions of the Picaroon, the first one had flat sides and flat bottom sections, the Picaroon 2 has the rounded hull shapes, the drawings I hold show both versions.

The design dates to around 1925 and has been built in many parts of the World.

Ply woods are six sheets, we can CNC cut to size and shape, also do the transverse fames to either and in suitably thick plywood.

This is a project that we would need a customer for that we can work with to product kit number one, we can expand the plywood stations with the lumber listed by the designer Sam Rabl.

Contact me for further information.


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