Sunday 18 October 2020

The Argie 15 by Dix Design

 Some pictures to show what the boat looks like as a kit set.

Note, this is an Argie 15 when assembled, the picture is from the Dix Design web site.

This shows the panels we cut to make the Argie 15 plywood kit set.

The Argie 15 plywoods now use Jigsaw joints which speeds up assembly.

When required we can also supply selected and machined Meranti hardwood to the lists on the designers plans.

We pride ourselves in our packing, we use a 13mm plywood and secure with steel band strapping, there is an Argie 15 kit in the plywood crate, it is on its way right now and to Picton via Nelson, in New Zealand.

Please contact me for pricing.


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