Friday, 14 February 2020

Driving our Toylander

The Toylander is again drivable.

With a decent upgrade  size of chain and sprockets the motor handles things well.

The original drive chain design I fitted works well, it is a longer stud than required and nuts above and below the axle mounts, this means the axle can be raised or lowered .

I am still trying out rims and gears, the outer rim is loose here, the tyre deflated, the wheel is turning.

Gear size options that are in stock.

The wheel is being driven by the chain.

An axle stand is handy to test the drive motor out, the knob center on the dash panel gives either forwards or reverse directions.

Contact me for the plywood kit, plans are from Real Life Toys in Wales, UK, they cost 49.50 pounds.


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