Thursday, 13 February 2020

CKD Boats company Toylander upgrades

With the past ten years since we built the works Toylander behind us we are now doing upgrades and additions.

The car will be fitted with front and rear lights, a horn was thought about but that may get overused so possibly not?

A larger and stronger drive gear on the motor was the first addition, we had a smaller sized gear from a bicycle fitted which somehow was not right for the task?

A right sized gear was pressed onto the 250  watt motor, it gives 180 watt output continuous.
There is a shaft keyway and the assembly was lubricated with Fluid Film to allow removal at a later date.

A grub screw locks the gear to the shaft, if the gear needs to be centered on the wheels drive gear we can release the grub screw and then center the drive gear and finish by locking the pulley back to the drive shaft.

A voltage controler is being made especially to control the motors speed, the speed via the controler will run via a foot pedal made from the Toylander supplied plans.

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