Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The JoLon Imp adventure

Those who know about Hillman Imps may also know about two guys who drove from Pretoria, South Africa to Coventry, England in 2013?

They took thirty nine days, crossed through three continents and made the special event in Coventry with just six hours remaining.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

While Terence and Geoff were driving I was sending them information on servicing the car as and when they required advice, we used cell phones and via SMS mostly.

I  was also working in the background with Richard who is an Imp Club member to find out if David Shepherd would sign a limited edition of his painting of an elephant and Hillman Imp.

David agreed and some fourteen copies were signed by David.

I have copy number one, I also have this sample copy, its unsigned but does still have a high value to myself.

The last morning of the Hillman Imp Club event was a breakfast, The guys were presented with their own copies of David Shepherds painting print.

It was a remarkable event, some 14,000 kilometers driven across Africa, Asia and Europe in a car that was nearly fifty years old.

Left to right, Richard, Terence, Geoff and Graham, the Imp Clubs Chairman.


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