Thursday 9 February 2017

An Argie 10 kit ready to ship.

It will leave tomorrow, today was a possible but as President Zuma is giving his State of The Nation address in the city tonight, many roads have already been closed.

There will be some crowds expected so that Cape Town City is in a lock down this evening, I may add this happens each year!

The grey patches are tapes to hold parts in the plywood sheet.

There is also a carton of epoxy and other materials, that and the plys which we will steel band strap between some pine packing plys will be collected Friday morning.

Friday, the kit has been collected and is now on a 1000 miles trip to the customer, we expect delivery will be made next monday.

Note, we do not mark the transport up at all, we do charge for the packing materials and steel band strapping, this is costed out close to our cost.


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