Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Toylander kits

The Toylander has now moved to new ownership and is based in Wales now.

Welcome to the Toylander website: different models and how to choose the parts you need.

Toylander 2
Hello, do you want your youngster to drive his or her own car? One that can take you too*? One that will work on grass and a little off-road*? Here are several answers and all of them set to become the 21st Century's number one Children's Heirloom toy. In the fifties and sixties the Austin J40 pedal car was the one to have but nowadays it's the Toylander and they too will be changing hands fifty years from now.

*Year 2000 specification: two or more children/ adult / adult and children riding, long grass, sloping ground, towing trailer, or several hours running from full charge: Twin wheel drive.
Original 1987 Specification: two young children riding, no adults, flat back garden, short cut grass, pavement / patio, two or three hours running: single drive wheel drive / one motor.

We can offer the kit as a 'Finger Jointed ' method assembly kit, it speeds up the build process so that you can cut the kit out and build the body in the same day.

We can supply the body kit and epoxies only, we use okoume or exterior grade plywoods, it depends on the quality you want to build, the okoume being the lighter option.

Plans can be purchased direct from the company in Wales.

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