Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Hillman Imp Californian rebuild in South Africa

The story continues, some say there are only sixty four left of the original production and only around half of those are still on the road?

This one dates back to February 3rd 1967 and was the export version, it had Mozambique plates on it once and was possibly exported there out of South Africa?

The Rostyle 13" diameter x 6" J rims are not original, I had them made specially for the car.

The car still has its original engine block, pistons and crank bearings in it, with new piston rinngs being fitted some years back. With a Sport conversion cylinder head and Stromberg carbs, the car is faster than it was when standard, a nine row oil cooler was fitted when the Sport upgrade was done.

The car is still requiring a new head liner and carpets but otherwise it is almost finished.


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