Wednesday, 30 December 2015

A lightweight rowing tender

This was a subject raised in the West Indies, we were at the TTYA in Trinidad, discussion about the quality of our yachts tender design was quite normal.

This tender was taken from a cold moulded dinghy which I was told one of Cape Towns senior yachtsmen made.

In GRP it is still quite light but if is was cold molded in okoume marine ply or even strip planked it would probably be some 20% lighter?

We would need some forward orders to develop the files from this dinghy.

It will carry two adults and two children safely, it will row and sail, it also only needs a 2hp outboard to move it quickly when fully loaded.

There is also an option to fit inflation tubes around the outside of the hull, this means it makes a good fender for when going along side another yacht, it becomes very stable with the float tubes there if you ever dip a rail of course.

Contact me for plans and a kit which can include the alloy bolt rope track, fastener's and the inflatable floats.


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