Thursday, 19 November 2015

British Seagull parts and restoration

This is done in Hout Bay near Cape town.

These parts are never cheap, just what is in the picture cost a net R2200 before shipping, duty and vat.
The parts do  fit and they are from the  British Seagull parts suppliers.

Parts are either in stock or imported for each new engine restoration.

A Forty Plus which is rated 2 to 3hp, it dates back to 1974?

Part of the stock motors I keep and will be sold as a restored motor only.
As it is now it has many new parts on it.

This engine was a virtual wreck when it arrived, the work took a year, even the replacement petrol tank was in the post from my UK suppliers for over a month.

The motor in the picture above cost around R12,000 to restore, materials and labour. The cost always depends on do you have your own British Seagull that needs restoration or do I supply you one?

There are only two motors available right now,both are sort shafts, I can make them longer?

One is a 3.5hp and the other the 2hp Forty Plus.


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