Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hillman Imps in South Africa ?

There are some and I know of most of them, some pictures of others exist but I have no idea where they are now?

One picture shows three and all with CL plates, they were some place in Stellenbosch, I wonder where they are now?

This car has been in our family for around twenty two (22) years, it may be longer? I have now removed all the sports parts such as lower competition road springs, front disc brakes, 13" road wheels and tires, sports exhaust but left the twin Stromberg 125 CD carburetors on. I also rebuilt the cars engine for the new owner.

Having now sold our 1967 Singer Chamois I am looking for another Imp related challenge, do you know where an Imp based car my be hiden and for sale in Southern Africa?

Cars like the Hillman Imp can be prepared to a very high standard to your order, finding them right now is the issue.

There is a classic Mini Cooper looking for a new home if anyone is interested?


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