Thursday, 8 January 2015

Black Cat to win the 2014/15 Governors Cup Race ??

Well I really do hope so.

This is the startling news just in, it turns out that the yacht Avanti used her motor to get in front the the Dix Design Black Cat.

Black Cat on her way to winning the 2014 Governor’s CupPicture taken just after they rounded Cape Point on Saturday 27 December 2014

There is still an outside chance that two yachts and some 500 miles away can still win but this seems unlikly?

Read more on the story on the FBYC web site.

Better still read about the event at the link here

A Trevor Wilkins photo, taken at the island and when Black Cat was finishing.

The name Black Cat came from a sponsership that the boat got over twenty years back, I note the sponsers are still being rewarded for their support!

Well done to the Black Cat team for winning fairly.

She took the first across the line and handicap award, so did a clean sweep and will have been awarded the Governors Cup !

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