Friday, 30 May 2014

A new Sadler 26 rudder

I say new and it will be but this original Sadler 26 which was GRP moulded here in Cape Town by Fortuna Marine needs its first rudder made. Even some thirty years on, this boat is still a top design in this size of boat.

We will make the rudder to sizes as supplied by Dave who has circumnavigated in his Sadler 26, with ownership still and after some thirty years, thanks to him we now have the original 1986 rudder and pintal design and can construct to the designers drawing and instruction sheet supplied.

How easy is this, keep watching and you will find out.

Rudders and foils are nothing new to us, check the link and date that we worked on the Irwin 54 replacement rudder.


And another link here



We now have the rudders dimensions and will bond the 12mm okoume marine blade together this week for shaping next week. 

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