Sunday 2 March 2014

The Mk2 hard spray dodger, a great idea to dry assembly

The customer collected his kit yesterday, he was probably not at all sure what the parts were supposed to assemble like and in which order? We do supply a building instruction guide but Andre came up with a great idea.

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the instructions.

I cut the panels out of their frames which cleared up the puzzle assembly in my mind, significantly. I will assemble them as soon as the weather allows using hinges between the panels. This will allow me to position the assembly on the boat and fine tune the arrangement.

This is  CNC cut panel one of two, there are five shapes in all, what the customer will do is to dry assemble the cut outs and fasten hinges to them to enable him to then fit them in place on his boat to be able to
sort out fitting and check things like the hight, width and depth.

What a great idea, why did I not think of that?