Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Camping Club Youth in 1964

Was this in Wales? I tend to think so as two of the girls are from Wrexham in North Wales.

My dad took the picture and checking the back of the photo I notice its marked Garth 1964 and a CCY weekend, so Wales it was!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Whats special about this picture you may ask?

Well for starters its now fifty years old (50)  this was the period when teenagers such as we were, could look after themselves and prooved it by camping as a group on a regular basis. We came from all sorts of  backgrounds, from engineers, coal delivery men, joiners and a whole host of other trades and proffesions the club made us all equal in a way.

Names, left to right:

Robert ,Liverpool (Tysons apprentice Joiner like myself) Ian McEvoy, Liverpool, Trish Williams (Wrexham,Wales) Pam Salthouse, Crosby, Liverpool and  later married to Ken Galletley, Roy McBride (me) also Tysons and from Maghull, behind me with his arms outstretched is Les French, (Liverpool and later Maghull, it was his Fordson van, was it 45 Pounds he paid for it?  Carman, (Wrexham,Wales) in the van Peter Hignet, Walton, Liverpool (yes with a tie on) the two guys next are the brothers Marthinson and I cannot remember their first names right now.

Long time ago and we are all around sixty five years old now!

The clubs name back then was The Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland, it still continues to this day and many of my fathers photographs were sent to Barry Rook the clubs archivist, can you imagine, Barry told me he knew my parents from camping, a small world/

The club is now named The Camping and Caravanning Club, they are based in Coventry CV4 8JH, England. 


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