Saturday, 8 March 2014

Laying out our first Mirrior Dinghy kit after CNC machining

The picture sure shows what a lot of cutting the CNC machine had to do and should prove the worth in you buying our kit. That's Joseph on the left and professional boat builder Peter on the right.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

We used five sheets of okoume marine plywood made to BS1088, the wastage factor was around 15% so very little left over with this kit.

Mirror Dinghy sets are only available world wide from licenced kit suppliers, until now they were all cut out by hand!

Now we know why they were expensive and took so long to manufacture.

A comment from a friend in the UK:

By the way, I think I counted 29 parts in the laid out kit?




Thursday March 13th 2014.

I saw this kit just yesterday and late morning around 11.30am, this afternoon I get a phone message to say the panels are now wired together dry and Peter the builder says this is the best CNC boat kit he has ever assembled.

Great news!

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