Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cruising in Brasil, Peters Place, on Ilha Grande

This has to be what its all about, your own yacht anchored of a perfect beach in Brasil and you have been invited ashore for drinks.

Pictures were  taken by Roy McBride using a Canon FT film camera and Kodak  Ektacrome slide film. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Peter is on the left and listening to a local who had some problem or other?

Peter was a licenced ham radio man, his call sign was PY 1 ZAK (now a silent key) he could  recieve from his home in this picture but to transmit used to drive in his GRP  VW wagon to the top of a hill at the rear of the house and transmit from there, he used a spare battery up there as there as no AC power on his part of the island?

Check the link to see Peters QSL card.

Ocean Cloud at anchor in Brasil, the boat is an Endurance 37, next stop was Cape Town, South Africa, the crew of two took 32 days to sail the South Atlantic Ocean.


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