Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Watchmate Vision AIS

We will have a pre sold unit in stock by Friday, please contact me if you want to see what they
look like in the box.

WatchMate Vision - WiFi touchscreen AIS transponder

$1,249.00 USD
Availability: about three days from your order with CKD Boats cc

The WatchMate Vision AIS Transponder includes built-in WiFi, NMEA 2000® & 0183, GPS receiver and GPS antenna.

2012 NMMA Innovation AwardWinner of the NMMA Innovation Award, the WatchMate Vision AIS Transponder offers the best in collision avoidance systems while also providing new ways to view AIS on mobile devices. WatchMate Vision is a clever, dedicated safety instrument for any leisure or work boat skipper wanting to make accurate safety decisions using integrated AIS, GPS and NMEA 2000 information.
The Vision Class B AIS transponder brings a new dimension to AIS information by the intuitive way it eliminates unwanted alarms and removes clutter from the display. It shows and prioritizes only the targets that have a current collision risk while allowing the user to customize the powerful features to their current situation (Offshore, Coastal, Harbor or Anchored).
The easiest way to integrate AIS with mobile devices. Vision’s safety data can also be used wirelessly with mobile devices running a variety of apps. But unlike other marine products with WiFi, the WatchMate Vision can securely connect up to 5 other devices simultaneously. You can have a wireless connection to your laptop, smartphone and tablet - all simultaneously! And for even larger networks, you can wirelessly connect the WatchMate Vision to an external WiFi router for unlimited expansion capability.

This innovative easy to use AIS transponder combines:

  • Download the Vesper Marine WatchMate App
    Free iPhone app provides configuration, status monitoring and interactive remote control over operation
  • Compact fully self-contained design allows for mounting most anywhere
  • Large bright color touchscreen with worldwide coastal outlines
  • NMEA 2000 & 0183, WiFi and USB
  • Routes your NMEA 0183 instrument data over WiFi
  • WiFi configuration options: Access Point creates a network or Client of an existing router
  • Will overlay AIS targets on a variety of smartphone and tablet apps
  • Can be placed in Silent Mode (receive-only)
  • Internal high-performance parallel two channel AIS transponder
  • Includes 50 channel GPS receiver with internal antenna (optional external antenna)
  • Utilizes Vesper Marine's new multi-processor architecture for fast performance
  • Fully waterproof (IPx7)
  • Easy to install: Just plug in a VHF antenna and connect to 12-24 VDC.

Mobile App Support

WatchMate Vision is supported by a growing set of mobile apps and we frequently post reviews of iOS and Android apps for compatibility and features.