Monday 3 February 2014

Optimist Dinghy kit

This came to us when the KYC ( knysna yacht Club) wanted to start an Optimist sailing group but had no Optimists. Looking around they found the imported GRP boats but discovered that the hull cost more than one of our plywood epoxy kits with the mast and sail included!

One of our kits as built by the boys grandad.

Check the link to view our web page on the Optimist dinghy kit.

They placed placed an order for five kits, it became eight as other parents joined
 into the scheme.

The first event was the SA Nationals at Hermanus YC at which they discovered the kit boats weighed within 700 grams of each other but were still lighter than the imported GRP boats.

Entering the Novice group they took four places out of the top five, including first place!

The truth is you can still be on the water for far less when you use  our kits and your own labour.

The pictures show that with our special jig assembly is quite a simple event, we also supply a fourteen page step by step builders guide with lots of pictures.


Pictures were supplied by a customer.