Saturday 8 February 2014

1966 Sunbeam Sport oil cooler mount brackets

Made when the Rootes Car Co of Scotland introduced their amazing Sunbeam Sport Imps, the cars were just what we wanted and sales were good from day one.

The cars engine was uprated and to handle the  extra power an oil cooler was fitted at standard.

Now being re manufactured in Hout Bay, South Africa. Note the CNC lazer cut plates on the right
of the picture.

This was now 48 years ago and while later cars were sold with the oil coolers total Imp production stopped in 1976, so nothing was made after that time.

The first ten sets have all been pre sold!

They have now been fitted with high tensile nuts by brazing them on, plus that fold over flap was brazed to hold it firm. Bead blasting to remove the mill scale and spray painting with DTM (direct to metal) black paint will complete the process.

Next in production will be Alternator rear support brackets, timing pointers, engine lift plates etc.