Thursday, 6 February 2014

Roberts Imp 998cc motor

This short motor was intended for another Imp, we had bothers with a used Sport 180 series and Wills ringed head, so we never got to fit the motor in the end.

The engine will now be fitted to a 1971 Hillman Imp Deluxe, with the Mk2 head and standard camshaft but with the larger performance single choke Solex carburettor, it will add power but at a
smoother and lower end of the band.

This is a really nice cylinder head design, with the overhead camshaft, once set, the tappets stay as they should be for many 1000s of miles.

 The original concept of the design was from Coventry Climax, we stock their silver logo stickers!
R30 each plus postage.