Wednesday, 1 January 2014

B and G the 213 mast head unit repair works!

This story goes back about four years and more when on the removal of a yachts mast the windspeed and wind direction unit was wrecked when it came into contact with the crane.

A new one was purchased, that lasted not very long in local wind conditions and it went back to
the factory for repairs.

When that failed some time later I was faced with a repair or a replaced unit, B and G offered me a new unit at a discount but that was still more than I feel I should have to pay when I started off with a new one in the first place. The service department are very good at support by the way, I have no complaints there, just the paying a second time.

I had a second option I wanted to try first, this 496 MHU was in stock, could I use the
head of it and bond it to the 213 arm?
I called in the help of Steve who is a local tech, guy not more than a few days later and he delivered his repaired and bonded 213 MHU unit to me, the cost and including another PCB was less than half of what the factory offer was.
This is a PCB the cost of which is horrific when bought via the agents.
Would Steves  repair work was the question, well he did the job in May of 2013, it was only three days back that I could get up the mast and swop the mast head plug over for the repair unit and all is working fine right now.
Steve showed me a typical fault, small O rings which seal the weather out of the PCB case were perished, he replaced those with better ones and also with silicone grease, he told me they should be replaced once a year. I then taped the joints on the case with black amalgamating tape, nothing should ever get through that now, will the mast head unit now give the many years of service I expect?
Time as ever will tell.
All working and the functions look good.
Happy New Year to you all!
Still on the mast head subject, a type C unit I fitted on the HBYC  marina office some three years back is still working, its over 30 years old now?