Tuesday 31 December 2013

A Giant In Hiding

This volume came to me by way of a Eamon who happened to find the book on a dump, thrown away as unwanted. Written by Lawrence G Green and published by Howard Timmins here in Cape Town in 1970.

Not only is this book in good condition, it has most of its paper cover as well, who would throw such a volume away?

My thanks to the Eamon who spent the time to Google the book and find my blog about Wylo, the boat is still here in Hout Bay and in the care of Henry as far as I know.


What a find, the book was well thought out and a lot of effort went into the publishing.
Inside and written in pencil are the words 1st Edition, was there ever a second?
Also To my 1st born with love from Dad, Durban Jan, 1996.