Friday, 3 January 2014

A yacht named Black Cat, by Dix Design

A new coat of paint on the Didi 38 Black Cat came with a sense of humour!

It went in this way.

And came out this way!

This boat was the first of Dudleys Radius Chine design yachts, the boat was built by Dudley and for the South Atlantic race around twenty years ago, Black Cat is now doing the race for the third time.

The bow is high as the spring tides are low, I hope they remember this on Saturday!

While the boat was always a racer cruiser and should do well in the race, she will also make a great fast family size cruising yacht, at 38 feet long she has lots of volume and three double cabins too.

The tide was still going out when I left, the Didi 38 draws 6 feet of water so you can see how little there is there right then.