Saturday 2 November 2013

Hillman Imp arrives for restoration

I doubt we will ever see the likes of this offer again, the car has been in dry storage at least twelve years as far as I know.  The car is a 1971 car but first registered in the UK January 01 1973, I have the cars original V5 papers with the car.

The floor pan is untouched, I can not see even a dent in it when looking underneath with a lead light, possibly I may find some marks when the car is rolled over on that turning jig you can see next week?  As you can see the body panels are straight and this far I see no signs of any accident damage.

For sale and to your specification , standard to what ever you want.


News in today from Richard one of the ARCC historians:

Roy ref your car , you probably not aware but I've got the production figures for the 13 years of imp production. your Imp is 413 694501 .
From the start of "G" year series on 10-07-1970 Chassis numbers started from 602002 and ran consecutively until the end of "3" year series in 5-10-1973 where they stopped at 863837 and then "4" year series restarted at 100000 and ran consecutively (in the case of IMP production  until 09-02-1976.)
your chassis number  694501 fits into the production date of 24-09-1971. hope this helps as Bob checks all the dates with me , if you want any others dated let me know . All production prior to "G" year series is itemised on a model basis. 


Much asking of the forum people has come up with an original paint colour for me, Chrysler Electric Blue. I found evidence of it in small patches, then a very large area when the under dash panels were removed, it looks like the blue in the engine bay below.

I then matched that to a Samcor shade as found on the Ford Focus and named Aquarius Blue.

This works for me, strange that the 1971 Hillman Imp Deluxe is now 42 years old but Ford are still using paint shades from that era!