Sunday 27 October 2013

Zeeslangs new home

Where would that be you may ask?

How about Attersee Marina in Austria!

My she does look nice!

Dear Roy,

attached please find a picture of Zeeslang at her new home.

Micheal contacted me about send him a Toylander kit to Austria and mentioned that Zeeslang was on a lake there now.


I asked about shipping?

Dear roy,

 just in case you are interested:

 Zeeslang loaded on the cargo vessel

 on the cradle in Hamburg

lifted onto a brand-new custom made trailer.
I am asked does anyone know where the original plans may be, Van DerStadt yacht design does not seem
to have them.


Wien, 29. October 2013

Drawings for Zeeslang

Dear Roy,

As discussed the other day, I have bought Zeeslang a few years ago and upon our return to Europe she was shipped to Austria.
We are trying to collect everything pertaining to her history, especially pictures and, quite important, we are looking for the original plans as work needs to be done from time to time. Cliffie, who has bought Zeeslang from KeesBruynzeel, told us that Kees  the time didn’t want to give him the plans. Reason being that  Cliffie paid less for Zeeslang than Kees had paid for the plans alone. We obtained a copy of plans from van de Stadt, but the drawings seem to have been altered as the set shows different dimensions for the same “piece” between the different sheets. Furthermore, at least a few sheets show a date years after Zeeslang was built.

Can anyone fill in on the history of this very important sailing boat?

This came in from Ray who knew the original owner.

Hi Roy,

Zeeslang is still a breath-catching sight... many thanks for the pics.

The plans are probably among B’s papers at one of his son’s homes, or his daughter who lives in Cape Town.

Black Soo, as you will know, is a very close copy, only slightly smaller in beam.

Unhappily, boats can’t get the authentic treatment expected with Vintage cars. So if there’s any tinkering to be done to keep Zeeslang fit & sailing -- so be it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Stay well!