Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Dix 34 for sale in South Africa

Since sold!

This boat is only a few years old, it was well built from one of our kits and has done local races and cruising with some success.


Seen above on the day it was launched, the owner is re locating and asks that we offer his boat and at a very (really) good price!

The boat can be sold with its own marina or as the boat only, pricing will be adjusted as required.

I do suspect that in to days market you would do well to even buy the materials that went into this boat and  at the owners asking price for a quality boat that can easily be ready to do the next Cape to Rio race and further.

Contact me for the full details.


27 21 7903859 phone and fax line.

Click on these pictures to enlarge them.

Buy this now and you can be on the start line of the 2014 Cape to Rio yacht race, I think it starts January 06 2014?