Friday, 23 August 2013

Blue Shadow of Mauritius

Some time back I did a thread on a classic ocean sailing yacht, Blue Shadow of Mauritius.

I am pleased to say new info on the boat came in just yesterday!


Blue Shadow of Mauritius.

Hi , my name is Noel McKay.

I was the one who 2 handed the vessel to Perth and later to Geraldton.

Shots are of


My now wife Lyn Merrington giving a haircut on the Geraldton trip (via the Abrolhos Islands) (which happened to be our first date)

Myself at the wheel in the Great Australian Bight
Christian at the wheel headed into Geraldton.

I helped Christian look after the boat here in Australia and met JeanMichel and his family, and was the witness in the Ships Log and notice of sale sent to the Lloyd Register when he sold 63/64ths of the vessel to Jeanna for 1 pound ???

Thanks Noel!
She was a Swiss South African athlete and journalist and I think later married Peter..
Christian was certainly suffering the effects of a crushed vertebrae ( a fall on the steps in the Harbour in Vanuatu) and a lot of self medicating with strong pain killers befor e I got him to a doctor in Perth  and then on a plane to Belgium for medical treatment.

I to have lost touch and have had no response to letters sent to his home.

I have some other details should you be interested.

Noel McKay