Thursday, 11 April 2013

The JoLon Imp reaches the Equator!

Actually they went even further, it was a distance of some 196 kilometers from Nairobi to the Equator, just short of one third of the distance to the town they are heading for in Ethiopia.

This sign stands for a remarkable landmark in the JoLon Imps African part of the drive to London, England,
as Terence and Geoff are now well past the half way mark on the African continent, well done guys! 

Today we packed up our little African Imp again and bade farewell to the good friends we made at Jungle Junction and headed off to northern Kenya to tackle the most horrific road in Africa, the Marsabit Moyale road. In the dry season it is barely passable by all but top of the range 4×4 vehicles. Well now we are in the slithersome and flashflood wet season and are about to head over to Moyale in our tiny Imp. As my astute nephew Chris correctly pointed out a good off-roader is not one who does not get stuck but one who can successfully extricate himself from the jam when it occurs.
Geoff and I were super thrilled to be on the road again, and our little chariot seemed to smile along with us also as it whistled along the nice Kenyan roads with the crazy drivers.
Darkness fell as we arrived in the busy town of Nanayuki but luckily there was still enough light for us to have some nice pictures at the ‘you are now crossing the Equator’ board.
Tonight we are staying in a most stunning golf club in a quaint reed roofed hut called a Banda. Well hot showers, clean bedding, mozzie nets and absolute silence apart from the rain happy frogs in their loud cacophony outside to entertain us is a delightful change from what we have had to put up with earlier on our journey.
Tomorrow we head out at 04h30 to get some kilos under our belt before first light and then some of the dirt road will be tackled tomorrow midday to the afternoon.

Update, 17th April and they have made Addis Adaba, the last 500 kms were on the so called Road to Hell.