Monday 8 April 2013

Marlow braid falls apart in the sun

To be fair its been out in the sun, wind and rain for about twelve years!

Click on the picture for a closer view.

Note that the woven casing has departed from the inner core.

Charles took me up the mast to remove the B&G mast head unit, (broke again) I was surprised to find the tail of the Marlow braid main halyard case cover in tatters, must be the UV? I cut the tail off and used the halyard anyway, the core is the bit thats rated under load, not the outer cover. Mind you its been out in our weather about 12 years now, an outer cover in a colour would probably lasted longer? I will replace it with some nice blue braid for a change.

I would seriously recomend reversing your mast halyards end for end every so often, simple to do and it may double the life of your halyards at no cost!

How unusual is that.