Monday 18 March 2013

Annapolis to Southport, Virginia, USA

This was a memorable trip down the Chesapeak Bay one October day and night, the trip was to deliver a brand new yacht to its new owners home port.

The Alueala 38

Map showing the lower portion of the Chesapeak Bay.
The route was the full length of this chart, plus about the same again on the next chart. Annapolis is off this chart and on the left, while Southport and Norfolk are near the bottom,also on the left side and before the very long road traffic bridge which is at the entrance to the sea.

Charlie was the owners friend and ran a boat yard near the marina they would keep the boat at. Thats the owners wife trying to warm up in the weak October morning sun. Charlies card says C.A.Bartlet, Lees Yacht Harbour, 3101 West Norfolk Road, Portsmouth, VA. 23703. (does that exist now?)

Arrival early morning, thats Norfolk and Southport ahead.

Norfolk, Virginia, USA, in 1977 thats where they mothballed ships, mainly US Navy but also the SS United States , the sailing ship Atlantic was also to be found and as a hulk if you knew where to look, Charlie did!

Cheers, this dram of whiskey went down really well that morning, we had done some 125 miles in around 24 hours.

The guy with the black cap is the new owner, a local doctor who had a home on a beach front. Next to him in the red/brown coat is Chris of Sarno Associates, the selling broker. The guy in the woolie cap was a friend of the owner, it was he who gave me a room for the next week and also loaned me a BMW to drive during that week.

How nice was that!