Thursday 21 March 2013

B&G Network Course computer ACP1 to ACP2?

I have featured this one before, its still a bit open ended and as I have an ACP1 but with the ACP2 dip switches I think I may be part way there?

The B&G manual says that the dip switches, 1,2,3, should be down and number 4 should be up, this sets it at 9volts.

Read about the story on the Forum above.

ACP 2 board, click on the pictures to enlarge.

With not having an ACP 2 to cross check with my ACP1, I could not see otherwise if there are additions or not on the ACP2?

An ACP 2 has the dip switches, they are top right in the picture, if they are not there it has to be the ACP1 only. My ACP1 has those dip switches. Note, the dip switches change voltages from 9v to 18v.

I eye balled the boards really closely, I see no changes in the parts layout unless the values are different?

The ACP2 circuit board, brand new and never used.

Now I find an ACP 2 for sale in the USA and its brand new, they supply pictures so I can now visually cross checked my boards with the ones in the ACP2.

I find one change only, check those small four yellow blocks to the lower right hand side, they are on other parts of the board also, well mine are black instead.

I bought a whole load of the newer Network stuff in from the USA about two years back. With it came an ACP1 Network pilot control box, I have no idea if it works, I see no external faults on either of the two boards.

The one I have is ok for the smaller boats and the ACP2 is for the larger boats, I found a forum that clearly say on the early units they just changed the lables!

I sent a picture of the boards to B&G technical, they said my board was the ACP1 only.

This is what you will find when you open the box up to make your connections, the other PC boards are under an alloy cover, you need to remove four small pan headed stainless machine screws to open further.

I wonder does my unit match the ACP2?

There is one difference other than those yellow components, my ACP1 is labled for 12 volt use only, the ACP2 in these pictures is labled 12v/24v, as I need only the 12v supply I do not see this as an issue in my case.