Thursday 28 February 2013

Gulliver at Slangkop, a crew remembers

A mail came in from Claude yesterday, my first such ever from one of the four who were on the boat that night.

Open the link to read more on this story, which happened around twenty four years ago.

The original painting as used on the NSRI news magazine hangs on a wall at Station Eight, Hout Bay. Awards were given for the bravery of the NSRI crews actions on this really foul weather night.

Hi Roy,

I came across your article about Gulliver stranding at Kommetjie, and well remember that night.
How the NSRI made it out there is a damned wonder.The waves were sky high and we could not see
the NSRI craft until they were within 50 metres, and it was wild. They did as you say, have to stand off
and we got into the life raft and were pulled towards the rescue boat. They had difficulty starting the
motors again after that wave struck, and the skipper was injured. I was cold and already quite calm,
but if I had been part of the rescue team I would have thought twice about going out on that night.
Brave thing to do and I am always thankful to them. I have crossed many oceans since then and rode
many a storm in small boats, but that one I always remember clearly. The members of the NSRI who put
us up in their homes made us feel at home.  I am still suprised that I am not linked more securely
to those members of the NSRI, because I owe them a life



We really do all have a lot to say thank you to the NSRI.


Claude, I have tried a number of times to reply to you by email, each time my reply bounces, please contact me.