Friday 4 January 2013

i550 boat and White Elephant news

The man has been busy over the past week!

Will was waiting for us to deliver his i550 plywood kit, we got it packed off just before closing for the annual holidays, look what he has done this far!

This is from my so called Picasa Web Albums files.
Nothing to do with Wills i550 just now but does show you what a Shake in Meranti wood looks like. Said to be a result of lightening in the forests of Malaysia?
As you can see, it will break clean through and quite easily.

The pictures are from an earlier blog on the subjects of shakes, beware building them into your boat, just cut and scarph the plank back to one piece again.


Wills words,

I’m not sure where to start. It’s been a long couple of days. Made longer by not being sure how to move forward. And by the heat! It’s usually 34 degrees (93.5 fahrenheit) by about 9am. So hot in fact that I have decided only to glass at night when it gets down to a tolerable 25 degrees.
So there are two ways to attack this filleting and taping thing. 1, tape the chnes without the frames in and 2, tape after the frames are in. I worry that if I go route 1 my boat may go out of square and my frams might not fit. While if I go route 2 I will miss out on the added strength of a single chine tape all along the hull and at the same time have to remove frames in order to wet out.
The hull is built, the pictures will be loaded later when Google allows me access to my pictures files!

For now try   i550 white elephant     in Googles search box, then click on Hull in the section to the right.