Tuesday 1 January 2013

Hillman Imp for sale

This is here and in Cape Town, South Africa, the papers for it are dated January 1st 1973 and in England, Great Btitain, the owner was a Mrs French.  The car was built in the Ryton factory, its a rare late model Imp and not many from the Ryton factory exist?

This car is now forty years old!

The car is straight and I doubt ever in an accident, its the last of a line of Imps built by Rootes and finaly Chrysler who handed it all over to Puegeot.

The dashboard has the later round dials, there is a transaxle (gearbox) and a Mk1 engine can be supplied by the seller.

I have Mk2 engines ready built up as an option, plus spares for much of this car.

The car will be sold as is but with an option for a full rebuild to any specification relating to the Hillman Imp, this includes sport engine, suspension and disc brakes.

Contact me for info.