Thursday 27 December 2012

Patin Catalan boat kits

I met with a person who has seen Patin Catalan sailing in Spain, he asked did I know of the boat class? I had to admit that I did not.

It was then explained to me that this class design has neither dagger boards or indeed rudders, I asked how you steer the boat? the reply was with body weight only!

The beach sailing here looks similar to South African conditions, just we have cleaner water.

Given there are very few fittings on this boat, it just has to be a whole lot less costly to build and having just posted a set of Oppikat bulkheads to a customer by SA and USA postal services, it possible we can do the same with this design?


Taken from a Wooden Boat magazine:

Sailing without a rudder means that the boat is constantly in balance. For small path deviations, the trim of the sail is used. When bigger manoeuvres are needed, the sailor has to shift his body weight. The inclination of the mast can be adjusted to the front or to the back during sailing.

I read that no plans are available and that only fully built craft are available, this certainally may open a way for kits and owner/home building.

The Patin is maintenance-friendly, quick, light and easy to rig up. One man takes the boat from the trailer to the water line in only ten minutes! It resists the hard beach life, it is resistant to sand, salt and sun. It is the most appropriate vessel to conquer the breakers!