Tuesday, 25 December 2012

A Christmas message to Imp Club members world wide.

Its  Christmas 2012, my greetings and best wishes to all Imp Club members world wide go out to you today.

Not any old Imp engine but one of the very first made.

This is one of two early Mk1 Imp engines I have  rebuilt recently, the engine number on this one is B / 41 / 1 / 501572 WSO, the wso means an export engine and the last four digits are the engines series number.

This engine was 875cc, its now fitted with 0.030" pistons, so a little larger in capacity.

The cylinder head is an early and quite rare one in that it does not have a valley in the top of the head below the tappet cover landing.

This engine is now 49 years old and will soon be ready to run for the Imps 50th anniversary next year, May 3rd 2013 celebrations in Coventry.

The Imp Club may be found at http://forum.theimpclub.co.uk/  we have members world wide!
All members recieve a monthly printed magazine by post, much of the content is now in full colour.