Wednesday 12 December 2012

Navigation with a Blackberry Torch 5800

I was advised by a good friend that to use the Blackberry map for sailing and entry into say a narrow bay or river was probably not a great idea? I checked for marine navigation charts and found none for southern africa at all.

The Torch 9800 Blackberry does have access to a GPS and a maping system, you need to read the acceptance rules on the Vodacom map site before it will be down loaded. You also click on Accept to waiver all errors (if any) before you will get the link to the GPS and its map.

What did I find?

Well the harbour road has been wrongly named, the name given is from an estate close by, the name of that estate road is unknown to myself but the road we live in is correct, not a great start?

On the marine side the local Hout Bay Harbour is there but there is an error, its a large one too, a concrete (?) wall closes off the harbour entrance, so there is no way in or out!

My friends advice was really very good.

Thanks Justin.


Note, Google maps have Northshore Drive un named and Westfort Road is named Westford Road, as we also have a Westford Road down Valley Road in Hout Bay this will cause confusion. At least Google maps have the harbour entrance open!