Friday 14 December 2012

CNC cutting for the hard dodger kit

This has become a scaled down version of the one made for a 43ft yacht, another was sent down to New Zealand for a boat around 40ft, the new one fits an Erikson 35 Mk2 so becomes a fair bit smaller but the same design principals are much the same. Suitable for both sail and power boats for either home or proffesional fitting.

The roof top jig is an important part of the process, we supply the formers in 16mm MDF and also the 22mm x 22mm hardwood battens to join it all together. The roof is then moulded from two sheets of 4mm marine ply with an 8mm layer of Superform bending ply inside as the core.

The main part of the actual roof support is cut from one sheet of 15mm thick ockume marine ply, its both strong and light. We include a free hatch and support frame, thats it on the far right,two shapes side by side.

Side window, starboard side, all glass recesses are precut and ready for you to drop the glass in.

With the tabs removed and the infill ply taken out we can then place the 6mm toughened  glass in the recess for safe shipping.

This is a side window, the port side.

This kit will be packed and shipped to the USA next week.