Thursday 13 December 2012

Wooden Mast building glues?

We had a question asked as to why we do not recomend using epoxy on wooden mast builds?

More on this a little later!


I was asked about an artical I had published but not told which one, it is the one in Duckworths Magazine.

from the article in Duckworks magizine  This is the mast stave scarphs being glued. The glue is a special Phenolic Resin. Note! NEVER GLUE UP MASTS WITH EPOXY!

????????????  Why 


We stock Phenolic and Epoxy glues, plus have experience with the use of both of them, they are branded and packed specially for us.

Below is part of a conversation I was having with a customer who bought a Cape Henry 21 kit, we shipped it to Seattle, USA.

The reply is from Dudley Dix.



Cape Town

There is something that I did not mention. Resorcinol's bond to wet wood is infinitely better than that of epoxy. If the wood is saturated then the resorcinol bond increases its hold on the wood, whereas epoxy lets go. That is the main reason why marine plywood must be made with resorcinol.