Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Epoxy for metal repairs

I have used this in the past, I also know guys in the motor trade who do the same, one mechanic has even repaired engine pistons with it! One piston had a hole in the crown of the piston, another the side skirt was broken, both were fixed with this brand of epoxy and are still running today he told me.

Good for around 320c temperature and 270 kgs per inch of pressure says the packing cover.

You will have to look at the following blog to see what I have repaired with it!

JB Weld, imported from the USA, I bought mine at Midas, Montegue Gardens, Cape Town. About U$20.00 or so.

At R170 a set of tubes, this product is far from cheap but just think about the down time and machine repair costs saved, in some cases we can save a part which is throw away?