Wednesday 14 November 2012

Wood epoxy boat construction, does it work?

The job is to install a B&G Network speed log transducer in a Dix Design 43 ft sail boat.
The  boat will have been in the water some thirteen years next January, what would the plug taken
out of the hull look like, dry, damp or wet?

B&G state we must never use the plastic type skin fitting on a wood construction boat, they worry about expansion? there should be none with wood/epoxy as this picture shows. The plug came out dry, very dry indeed!

Note, the new hole edges must be sealed with thin and wet epoxy to maintain the dryness at all times.
When cured you can fit the new skin fitting with a pliable sealant .

A message to the boats designer is below.

Hello Dudley,

I am fitting a new  B&G Network speed transducer , this will upgrade the Hornet 4 system which still works fine, the boat will have both now.

The hole when cut out came out dust dry, it was weighed it right away, 16 grams only and sized 40mm x 22mm with a 7mm center hole, Taal ockume marine ply, one layer 12mm and one of 9mm.

So the epoxy system has worked 100% on this build. You may remember we back filled the keel studs Took ages to do but we have a nice dry keel joint when hauled.



A reply from Dudley.

Hi Roy,

Nice. That ties in with my experience with "Black Cat". We had her surveyed in 1999 by Kieron Cox. He took moisture measurements and came up with 12% everywhere, except where his meter was reading the water in the integral tanks.