Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A boats steel keel that was UHP blasted clean result

This was all of two and a half years back, I spoke to the CEO of a specialist ship cleaning company about the problem on a yachts steel keel box. He was not over worried and told me his guys would sort it out.

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) runs at a 2000 Bar pressure, pure water removes all paints,scale and rust until there is nothing but clean steel. The over coating was done by the men who did the blasting using Sigmacover epoxy primer.

With Internationals Interspeed antifoul on the required Sigma tie coat, you can see that even after two and a half years the job worked.

This was after using a domestic type Karcher pressure wash machine, the paints lasted well and the steel keel is sound with virtually no wear on its anode.

This anode looks good enough to leave in place, a new one will be fitted though!

CKD Boats cc are the agents in Hout Bay for UHP work.